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10 reasons to join us!

1. Unique: We provide a unique meeting point for students and musicians of all kinds of wind instruments.
2. Expertise: Our team consists of qualified, experienced and passionate teachers.
3.  Flexibility: We are flexible in our choice of teaching materials and adjust the pace of the lesson according to the students’ needs and progress.
4.  Specialisation: You can choose what kind of music you would prefer to specialise in (classical, jazz, traditional).
5. Concerts: We organise regular concerts in which you can participate.
6.  Ensembles: You may join any of our small music ensembles or have even more fun by playing with the Windcraft Band.
7. Learning beyond the curriculum​: You can participate in workshops and masterclasses given by eminent musicians at Windcraft Music Centre.
8.  Value for money: You can find all the books and instrument accessories you need in lower prices.
9.  Location​: We are located in the centre of the town, near the central bus station and close to public parking spaces.
10. Passion: We provide a friendly and modern environment and a passion for music and teaching!

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