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Start learning music!

Have you decided to take up a wind instrument, the piano, the guitar or maybe the drums? Or would you rather join one of our group classes in drumming or singing? These are the next steps:


Fill in this form to arrange a free demo lesson!


Once you have decided which instrument you would like to take up and arranged a weekly time slot with your teacher, register by filling in this form. 


Proceed to the payment of the registration fee (€20,00) here.


Your teacher will welcome you on your first lesson day! 


Tell us which instrument you would like to learn!


If you would like to try out a specific instrument, please take the time to fill out the information on the right. We will get in touch with you shortly after to arrange for a demo lesson.

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you soon!


Register here!

Upon completing this form, you will be registered to the class of your choice for the next academic year.

In order for your registration to be effective, you must pay a registration fee of €20,00. Click on the link below to be redirected to the Viva Wallet page, where you can pay the registration fee online by entering the student's name and the word "Registration" in the description. (The fee does not apply to any group classes or additional family members registering.)

Thanks for registering!


10 reasons to join

1. Unique.  We provide a unique meeting point for students and musicians of all kinds of wind instruments.
2. Expertise. Our team consists of qualified, experienced and passionate teachers.
3.  Flexibility. We are flexible in our choice of teaching materials and adjust the pace of the lesson according to the students’ needs and progress.
4.  Specialisation. You can choose what kind of music you would prefer to specialise in (classical, jazz, traditional).
5. Concerts. We organise regular concerts in which you can participate.
6.  Ensembles. You may join any of our small music ensembles or have even more fun by playing with the Windcraft Band.
7. Learning beyond the curriculum​. You can participate in workshops and masterclasses given by eminent musicians at Windcraft Music Centre.
8.  Value for money. You can find all the books and instrument accessories you need in lower prices.
9.  Location. We are located in the centre of the town, near the central bus station and close to public parking spaces.
10. Passion. We provide a friendly and modern environment and a passion for music and teaching!​​​​​

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