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Windcraft Voices

Windcraft offers group singing lessons in the form of a vocal ensemble, under the guidance of Elena Xyda.

The lessons aim at cultivating vocal expression and exploring the various roles of voice in an ensemble. Focusing on the repertoire of the music traditions of our region, we work on the melody, rhythm and harmony of the songs, before we interpret them, taking over and exchanging roles in regards to these three elements. Furthermore, the ensemble has the opportunity to perform in concerts and other events.

The lessons are open to people with, at least some basic, experience in singing.

Do you enjoy singing?
Windcraft Voices are welcoming new members!


Having started in the fall of 2019 under the guidance of Elena Xyda, Windcraft's vocal workshop has managed to create a beautiful group with multiple goals:
▪︎the creation of a common space of expression through singing
▪︎the cultivation of the voice in the context of a repertoire mainly, but not only, from the musical traditions of our wider region
▪︎the performance of the songs we study through polyphonic arrangements
...and we continue to explore and expand our common space for the 6th year!


Meetings take place regularly every Wednesday 7:15-8:30 p.m at Windcraft Music Centre in Nicosia.​​​

>>contact 22-377748 for information



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