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Learn music with us!
One-to-one or
in a group.

At Windcraft Music Centre we offer one-to-one lessons on all wind instruments - woodwinds and brass - as well as on piano, guitar and drums. Special wind instrument classes for kids 5-8 years can be private or in small groups.

We also offer special individual lessons in traditional singing as well as group sessions in a vocal ensemble. 

Furthermore, adults can learn to play the djembe in our group african drumming classes.

Choose the musical instrument you wish to play...

We can help you decide, which is the right instrument for you!

Get in touch and let us know which of the following instrument you wish to learn, so that we can arrange a FREE demo class with one of our teachers.

We offer individual instrumental tuition in the following instruments:









French Horn







Traditional song

Winds for kids
Recorder, saxonett and pBuzz® classes for kids 5-9 years old!

Children who have early exposure to musical instruments develop areas of the brain that relate to social behavior, language and reasoning skills, as well as memory.

At  Windcraft we offer early learning classes using specially designed instruments that prepare young learners to later take up a woodwind or brass instrument!

The lessons include:

  • learning and practising sound production and fingerings on woodwind and brass instruments

  • getting familiar with our body and developing fine motor skills required for the performance of musical instruments 

  • learning the basic music principles (rhythm, note-reading, dynamics, tempo etc.) through games and applying them on our instruments

  • learning to sing and play different songs 

  • participation in movement, listening and drawing activities

  • using interactive apps for learning

  • solo or group performance at concerts

  • encouragement of self-expression, stimulating imagination and creativity, building confidence



The recorder is the perfect instrument for young learners - simple, light and affordable.

Since producing sound on a recorder requires minimum effort, children concentrate on other aspects such us fingerings, note-reading and musicality. 

Our progressive teaching methods include a combination of traditional instrumental coaching, digital learning through apps and videos and a motivational reward system: gaining colourful Karate Recorder belts!


Recorder lessons are a great preparation for flute and saxophone lessons. 



The saxonett is the perfect link between a recorder and a saxophone or clarinet, thanks to its clarinet mouthpiece mounted to a recorder body. Akin to the German system, its fingering system corresponds to a saxophone’s basic scale. The JUPITER saxonett’s pear body gives it a vibrant and warm sound.

Like at recorder classes, teaching the saxonett also involves a combination of traditional instrumental coaching, digital learning through apps and videos and the motivational method of gaining colourful Karate belts while progressing!


Saxonett lessons are the ideal preparation for wind section classes (clarinet and saxophone).



Learn how to buzz - the fundamental principle behind any brass instrument! 

Eye-catching than a recorder, light and easy to play - the new brightly colored, lightweight and smooth edged pBuzz makes music fun for early learners!

Offering a truly authentic musical instrument experience, the pBuzz has a range of 6 notes through its movable slide. The slide positions are outlined by color, note name and also slide positions 1 - 6 so children can learn in many ways, from traditional notation to a note color system, to help aid understanding of pitch and varying length.  

pBuzz lessons are the ideal preparation for brass section classes.


Songs of Tradition
with Elena Xyda

​​Windcraft offers individual lessons on traditional song with Elena Xyda.  

In the lessons you will:

  • explore the vocal repertoire of our musical neighbourhood

  • focus on the music of the Aegean (Asia Minor coast, Aegean islands), up to the music of Constantinople, as well as other music traditions that derived from there (smyrneiko and rebetiko song)

  • approach the interpretation of the songs through learning about the stylistic characteristics of the music idioms and analyzing their melodic and rhythmic structure.


Windcraft Voices Make Music Cyprus 2022.jpg

Windcraft Voices
Exploring our voices through collective expression

Windcraft offers group singing lessons in the form of a vocal ensemble, under the guidance of Elena Xyda.

The lessons aim at cultivating vocal expression and exploring the various roles of voice in an ensemble. Focusing on the repertoire of the music traditions of our region, we will work on the melody, rhythm and harmony of the songs, before we interpret them, taking over and exchanging roles in regards to these three elements. Furthermore, the ensemble will have the possibility to perform in concerts and other events.

The lessons are open to people with, at least some basic, experience in singing.


Music Theory Classes
Online or in the classroom

We offer individual or group lessons on all levels of classical and jazz music theory as well as on other theoretical subjects for those wishing to deepen their music knowledge.

We also offer individual aural training, which is an invaluable tool for all musicians and a prerequisite for attending the ABRSM or Trinity exams.

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