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Windcraft News
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Learn the guitar

at Windcraft


From September 2023 classical guitar lessons for children and adults are offered at Windcraft! 

Our instructor, Stella Kyriakidou, will guide children and adults into the fascinating world of guitar music!

Information and registrations: 22-377748,

Book a free demo slot at


Artists who are interested to arrange a concert can send their proposals to or contact 22-377748.





Windcraft's stage in the old town of Nicosia is ready to host again acoustic performances of music ensembles that would like to present their work.

Numerous bands and artists from both Cyprus and abroad have performed at Windcraft’s concert venue in Nicosia before, presenting to the Cypriot audience their unique musical projects. Artists from the jazz, ethnic, traditional or classical music scene will have again the opportunity to be hosted again at Windcraft..


- The venue is a concert hall (small raised stage with upright piano and seating arrangement) and has a maximum capacity of 60 people.

- The space is offered to the artists free of charge. Windcraft keeps 30% of the ticket incomes for operative costs and 70% goes to the artists. 

- Windcraft is responsible for promoting the event. The artists provide a short description of their project and good quality photos for communication purposes and are expected to further promote the event through their network. 

- Equipment/backline provided: acoustic upright piano, drums, PA system 4 channels 
- The concerts can take place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the months October-May.

Windcraft's activities in videos

Widcraft Voices
Windcraft Voices Make Music Cyprus 2022.jpg

Windcraft Voices

is welcoming new members!

Having started in the fall of 2019 under the guidance of Elena Xyda, Windcraft's vocal workshop has managed to create a beautiful group with multiple goals:
▪︎the creation of a common space of expression through singing
▪︎the cultivation of the voice in the context of a repertoire mainly, but not only, from the musical traditions of our wider region
▪︎the performance of the songs we study through polyphonic arrangements
...and we continue to explore and expand our common space for the 6th year!

Information and registrations: 99-356794, 22-377748
pBuzz® for kids!
New class for children 5-8 years old 
Discover the joy of music in seconds. Learn to play in minutes. Enjoy for a lifetime.
Young learners now have the chance to join a fun class at Windcraft that will prepare them for later taking up any brass instrument. Join us to learn how to buzz with the pBuzz and gain the fundamental musical knowledge.
Find out more about our Winds for Kids classes here.



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Musician Elli Michael introduces us to the saxophone, in the new educational show of Bobos Family Radio, in which musicians talk to us about music and convey their love for the instruments they play!

WIth the participation of Niovi Tsaggara on baritone saxophone.


The podcast was streamed on Saturday 16 January 2021 at Bobos Family Radio:

Listen to it here (in Greek)!

LISTEN: Someone is playing the saxophone

Radio Podcast

JOIN THE BAND-01-01.jpg
If you are a drummer, a bassist, a brass or a woodwind player...

Since 2013, the Windcraft Band has been filling up the city and village squares with their powerful brass sound. In every show, funky and latin grooves make space to elegant swing pieces, rock sounds to traditional Greek and Balkan tunes.
If you want to share your passion for music with us, jump in!


Rehearsals take place regularly every Thursday 7-9p.m.

Call us at 22-377748 for more information.


by the Youth Board Cyprus & COOP Bank

Windcraft recieved the Youth Award in the category of Culture for organising the Windcraft Music Fest and for its cultural contribution.



More about the awards and all the winners, here:

Windcraft Loud - the NGO

Windcraft gets louder!

The non profit organisation “Windcraft Loud” was established in 2016! Our passion for music (and – it’s not a secret – especially for winds) and our hope to see our society putting aside all kinds of discrimination, is driving us to organise concerts and festivals, seminars and workshops, cultural exchange programmes, research projects and many more.

Windcraft Loud aims on the one hand to promote music performance and creativity in general and especially in the field of wind instruments, and on the other hand to enhance interpersonal relations and foster mutual understanding between social groups of diverse cultural background, through common participation in music groups and other musical activities.


To become a member of Windcraft Loud fill in and return this form to us.

WL members will be informed about the organisation's events and activities and will get discount and other benefits to many of them.

The annual membership fee is 10 euro and should be contributed at the beginning of each year.

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