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Who we are
The Windcraft brand

Our vision to create a space dedicated to the wind instruments started in 2012, with the opening of the Windcraft Music Centre - a music school in the heart of Nicosia with a special focus on winds. 

Two years later, the Windcraft Band was created. This multicultural wind band performs since then in public spaces and events. 

In 2016, the non-profit organisation Windcraft Loud came to life, with the aim to promote wind instruments and music creativity in general through festivals, events and workshops. 

Windcraft Music Centre specialises in the teaching of wind musical instruments by qualified and experienced teachers and promotes the establishment of various wind ensembles.

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The 20-member wind band celebrates their passion for music and fills up the city and village squares with their powerful brass sound.

In 2016 our team founded the non-profit organisation "Windcraft Loud", which is active in organising cultural events and the annual Windcraft Music Fest. 

Windcraft Music Centre

Windcraft Music Centre specialises in the teaching of wind musical instruments by qualified and experienced teachers and promotes the establishment of various wind ensembles.

Our aim at Windcraft Music Centre is to provide high-quality, bespoke musical tuition primarily in all wind instruments and in different music styles (classical, jazz, folk music), but also in piano, knowledge of which is essential not only to students wishing to follow a pianist’s path but also to all musicians of any specialty. Moreover, we offer guitar and drums lessons, as well as group classes in djembe drumming and traditional singing.


We also strive to promote our students’ participation in concerts, either as soloists, or part of a musical ensemble. Alongside individual music classes, we also offer one-to-one or group classes in music theory, aural training, and participation in musical ensembles and bands.


Our students may, after extensive preparation and consultation with their teacher, take the internationally recognised music qualifications offered by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music or the Trinity College. These are offered twice a year in Cyprus or online. Taking these exams is not compulsory, but highly recommended, in order to accurately evaluate progress and improve students’ confidence.

The Centre
Our teachig staff

Our Τeaching Staff.

Windcraft Music Centre’s team is made up of a group of qualified and experienced young teachers who are also artistically very active. Their professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for music and teaching ensure productive lessons, our students' success and an overall high teaching level.

Our Venue

At Windcraft we organise regular concerts, workshops and seminars with professors and talented musicians from Cyprus and abroad. We provide a stage for young artists to showcase their creativity in music and other arts and we support the diffusion of their work through the media and by distributing their albums. 


Several artists have presented their original compositions on Windcraft's stage, such as Itamar Erez & Yshai Afterman Duet (Israel), Gilad Atzmon (Israel), Hayden Chisholm (New Zealand), Andreas Polyzogopoulos (Greece) Thomas Lumley (UK), Ravi Saundankar (India), Yuichi Nukui (Japan), Konstantin Sofyanov (Russia), Julia Ohrmann (Germany) and a plethora of Cypriot musicians including  Rumba Attack, Ermis Michail Quintet, The Amalgamation Project, Symmetry Jazz Quartet, Andreas Yerolatsitis Trio, Giannis Koutis, Ioannis Vafeas, Charis Ioannou, Andreas Rodosthenous and many more. We have also hosted the 1st Cyprus Beatbox Championship in 2019. 


The events hall of Windcraft Music Centre is also available for rent by individuals who wish to organise a concert there. It has a capacity of 60 seats and is equipped with an upright piano and a PA system. For bookings, please contact us.

Our Venue
Use or venue

Use our Venue

For your private concert or workshop

The events hall of Windcraft Music Centre is available for rent by individuals who wish to organise their private concerts or workshops there. It has a capacity of 60 seats and is equipped with an upright piano, a PA system and a projector. For bookings, please contact us.

For presenting your music project

Artists with a jazz, traditional or classical background who wish to present their projects at the Windcraft Music Centre in Nicosia are encouraged to send us their proposals. 

Windcraft Loud

The non-profit cultural organisation Windcraft Loud, in collaboration with Windcraft Music Centre and other organisations, is active in organising concerts, seminars and workshops, cultural exchange programmes, research projects and many more. Windcraft Loud also oragnises the annual summer festival

Windcraft Loud aims on the one hand to promote music performance and creativity in general and especially in the field wind instruments, and on the other hand to enhance interpersonal relations and foster mutual understanding between social groups of diverse cultural background, through common participation in music groups and other musical activities.  ​


If you wish to support Windcraft Loud and to benefit from special prices to many of our activities, become a member by filling in and returning to us this form!


The Board of Windcraft Loud:

Elli Michael (president)

Niovi Tsangara (vice-president)

Michalis Hadjiantoniou (general secretary)

Nadia Kornioti (treasurer)

Andria Michael (member)

Use or venue

Become a member of Windcraft Loud

Anyone can become a member of Windcraft Loud!

With a an annual subscription fee of only 10 euro, you support our organisation and help us continue creating!

Our members are being informed on all the events and activities of our organisation, have the benefit of attending with discount many of them and have the right to participate in the elections of the Board of the organisation.


To become a member of Windcraft Loud, just fill in the subscription form and pay the annual membership fee (10 euro) by following the directions.


If you would like to become a sponsor of Windcraft Loud, we would be grateful for any donation deposited at the following bank account:


Windcraft Loud

Hellenic Bank


IBAN: CY44 0050 0125 0001 2501 G467 0401  

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