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Become a member of WL

Become a member of Windcraft Loud

Anyone can become a member of Windcraft Loud!

With a an annual subscription fee of only 10 euro, you support our organisation and help us continue creating!

Our members are being informed on all the events and activities of our organisation, have the benefit of attending with discount many of them and have the right to participate in the elections of the Board of the organisation.


To become a member of Windcraft Loud, just fill in the following subscription form and pay the annual membership fee (10 euro) by following the directions.


If you would like to become a sponsor of Windcraft Loud, we would be grateful for any donation deposited at the following bank account:


Windcraft Loud

Hellenic Bank


IBAN: CY44 0050 0125 0001 2501 G467 0401  


Windcraft Loud.
Member subscription form


The annual membership fee for Windcraft Loud is 10 euro. Members should renew their subscription every year.

Before submitting your subscription, please pay the annual membership fee of  €10,00. Click on the link below to be redirected to the Viva Wallet page, where you can do an electronic payment. 
In the description field please enter "Windcraft Loud Membership fee" and the member's name.

Thanks for submitting!


We are aware of our responsibility to protect your personal data. We act in accordance with the principles introduced by applicable legal regulations and the general principle on good faith in the processing of personal data.

We determine clearly and precisely its legitimate and lawful purpose for processing personal data and process personal data to the extent necessary and in connection with your membership.

We transfer your personal data in compliance with applicable laws and only when it is necessary. We take required technical and administrative measures to protect your personal data and also we ensure that Data Processors take administrative and technical measures regarding data security by signing non-disclosure agreements.

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