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In this page you can find information on the events hosted at Windcraft Music Centre as well as suggestions on concerts, seminars and other events taking place in Cyprus and the world, including our Windcraft Music Fest!


Windcraft Music Centre organises regular student concerts, in which students can participate either as soloists or as part of a group, and gain some experience in musical performance in front of an audience. In addition, all students who participate in music ensembles have the opportunity to take part concerts, events and festivals organised outside the school.

Our ensembles - the Windcraft Band and Windcraft Voices - perform often in public events, festivals and different venues in Nicosia and all over Cyprus.


Windcraft Music Centre also organises various seminars and music workshops with professors and musicians invited from Cyprus and all over the world, and often hosts concerts and recitals of different Cypriot and international musicians and music groups.

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