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Acapella Solo Loop "Anysihies enos iremou mialou"

Acapella Solo Loop "Anysihies enos iremou mialou"

A solo project by Dimitris Spyrou.
  • Details

    Dimitris Spyrou, Acapella Solo Loop, has many voices. Each one layers on another and reminds us of fairy tales and places and times that may or may not exist. Dimitris uses instruments without touching them, uses instruments made by him, uses instruments that others see as just every day objects.

    Dimitris was born in Limassol and began experimenting with music, song-writing and theatre at a very young age. He soon realized that music can be used as a catalyst for communicating with your inner self. Dimitris has a unique approach to music. His creative process focuses on his voice as an instrument and uses every day objects and beautiful and unexpected looping progressions. As Acapella solo Loop he has created the album Ανησυχίες ενός ήρεμου μυαλού, and has composed music for theatrical plays and is often involved in theatrical performances
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