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Andreas Polyzogopoulos "Heart of the Sun"

Andreas Polyzogopoulos "Heart of the Sun"

A modern jazz approach into the music of Pink Floyd faithful to the electronic sound.

Andreas Polyzogopoulos-trumpet, electronics Costis Christodoulou-keys
Vasilis Stefanopoulos-double bass, electronics Srdjan Ivanovic-drums

Puzzlemusik 2013
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    I discovered Pink Floyd while i was at primary school. Every Sunday afternoon my uncle would have a broadcast at the local radio station "Radio Krestena", playing old Rock music and very often i would join him. The first memories from the Pink Floyd are the slot machine and the helicopter sounds. I copied on tape their three most known albums and i was constantly listening to them. I didn't speak english at that time and when one day my uncle transled the lyrics of "time" , they became my favourite group.
    I started learning how to play their songs on my guitar, getting to know their history, their more psychedelic records and the legend around Syd Barrett. When i moved to Athens in 1997 , i was was going to monastiraki* every Sunday in order to search for second hand lp's, t-shirts, books, video tapes … One of the most beautiful Sundays of that period was when i returned home with an lp of Ummagumma ... Soon i decided to become a musician. Ι started having jazz guitar lessons and one day before the first lesson i promised myself that i will improve my skills through jazz music but i'll remain a "Rocker". However when i discovered Miles Davis and the trumpet i left the guitar and forgot my promise.
    I never stopped listening to Pink Floyd but i wasn't planning to make a tribute cd till the summer 2011, when i listened to the concert of Roger Waters in Athens. Among plenty of feelings i deeply felt that i couldn't continue to play music unless i'd make a tribute to their music, as if i had to pay off for the promise i hadn't kept when i was sixteen. So, although i had written original material for a new cd, i instead entered the studio to record this cd.
    I recall that the days after Roger Waters' concert, i would ask every friend i met if he went to the concert and how did he like it … it was then i found out that Costis Christodoulou was crazy with Pink Floyd as well … We had already played music together but i didn't know that. I talked to him about
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