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Tricoolore "Oregano Infused"

Tricoolore "Oregano Infused"

Explosive grooves meet nostalgic melodies that carry the flavour of tradition. Folk dance patterns combine with the African soul of New Orleans. A world jazz album with Greek roots.

Genre: Jazz: World Fusion
Release Date: 2015
  • Details

    Tricoolore’s music balances between the global sound of jazz and the maqams of the East, combining elements from different music styles to create a unique soundscape, where all sounds Greek in the end. Using special rhythmic forms and a strong element of improvisation and drawing inspiration from their Greek musical background, Angelos Doukas on piano & keys, Vasilis Vasiliou on drums & percussion and Nikos Doukas on electric bass & loops break away from music stereotypes and follow their personal musical paths to take over the stage.

    Album Tracks:
    1. I-Huzam, 2. Nine Steps, 3. Stairs, 4. Frunk, 5. The Twienty Five, 6. Makalatiano, 7. Archimides, 8. On the Road, 9. Mountain's View (Live at Rialto Theater)

    Total time: 50:05
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