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The venue

At Windcraft we organise regular concerts, workshops and seminars with professors and talented musicians from Cyprus and abroad. We provide a stage for young artists to showcase their creativity in music and other arts and we support the diffusion of their work through the media and by distributing their albums


Several music bands have presented their original compositions on Windcraft's stage, including Itamar Erez & Yshai Afterman Duet (Israel), Tricoolore, Acapella Solo Loop (Dimitris Spyrou), Rumba Attack, Ermis Michail Quintet, The Amalgamation Project, Symmetry Jazz Quartet and Andreas Yerolatsitis Trio.  Other fabulous musicians that have performed at our venue are Ioannis Vafeas, Charis Ioannou, Giannis Koutis, Alkis Agathokleous, Nicolas Tryfonos, Stelios Xydias, Andreas Rodosthenous, the Leonid Nesterov Trio, Greg Makamian, Ioanna Troullidou, Touch Response, Kind of Brass, Gilad Atzmon (Israel), Thomas Lumley (UK), Ravi Saundankar (India), Yuichi Nukui (Japan), Konstantin Sofyanov (Russia), Julia Ohrmann (Germany) and many more!


The events hall of Windcraft Music Centre is also available for rent by individuals who wish to organise a concert there. It has a capacity of 60 seats and is equipped with an upright piano and a PA system. For bookings, please contact us.

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